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The first winter snowfall glistened in beijing early last friday, the second latest arrival in the capital for over 60 years. beijing will be overcast tonight with a low of minus 6 degrees celsius. cloudy tomorrow with a high of 3 degrees. meanwhile shanghai will be overcast tonight, with a low of 4,...
Wang opened the restaurant to offer sichuan cuisines to chinese visitors, as they usually have a hard time getting used to the local food. he decorated it with chinese elements, including lanterns, couplets, and old-fashioned wooden armchairs, and named it the “great wall.” the restaurant provides him a monthly income of 100,000 rmb.
英语考试大纲(面向中职学校) 本考试大纲以教育部颁布的《中等职业学校英语教学大纲》为依据,以教育部公布的中等职业学校教学用书目录中的英语教材为主要参考教材。
Wholesaler in australia and the southern hemisphere, did not chose jinning without good reason. today, yunnan’s fresh cut flowers make up about 75 percent of the total domestic market. at kunming’s dounan flower market, 70 percent of fresh cut flowers are produced in jinning, which claims the ti-tle of “first among all chinese

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