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As the first world internet conference gets underway in wuzhen, zhejiang province, we asked foreigners to compare their internet experience in china with the services in their home countries.
“many of the bulbs that they use for dewali festival are made in china, and some people also fly chinese kongming lanterns during the festival in new delhi,” wang said. he added that although some voices call for a boycott of chinese products, most locals still
Candle-shaped rocks have been carved by sea erosion.[photo:crienglish] after walking around the park and enjoying the sights, it was time to have lunch. i went to jinbaoli old street. like many old streets in taiwan, it sells a variety of cheap and delicious traditional snacks such as mein mein ice, braised pork rice and prawn crackers.
But for college students, their valentine's exchanges come more in the form of expressions of heartfelt desire. as flowers and chocolates symbolize sweetness and candle light dinners romance, the student couple may just go to a romantic film, which sends the same message at a price

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