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Aussie candle supplies offers a large, comprehensive range of natural soy waxes, candle waxes, fragrances, dyes, and candle glassware as well as soap making, raw materials and essential oils ... and lower pour temperatures during warmer months ... made in australia. a beautiful and luxurious massage blend wax made from hydrating soybean oil ...
Candle warmers provide you with a way to enjoy the great fragrances of any jar candle without a flame. available in many sizes and colors, simply place your candle on any candle warmer plate and enjoy. although cords are not pictured, these warmers plug into a standard wall outlet. candle warmer closeouts.
Candle warmers australia. scents are powerful stimuli that directly enter the brain, triggering intense emotional responses.
The original candle warmer is perfect for the office, dorm rooms, bath rooms, and other locations where you wish to avoid using a flame. just set an 18 ounce or smaller jarred candle on the warmer and enjoy the fragrance without the hazard of a flame or smoke. only use with an unlit candle. the hot plate measures about 4 in diameter.

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