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Looking for wholesale gel candle wax wholesale? 2,531 high quality gel candle wax products from 843 gel candle wax trustworthy suppliers on alibaba. you can contact suppliers directly and ask for the best wholesale price, discounts and cheap shipping fee.
Our candle gel is the penreco versagel™ brand. it is a premixed gel that is easy to use. simply heat, add candle color dye and our fragrance oil and pour! gel doesn't shrink so there is no need to re-pour! gel burns twice as long as other waxes and can accommodate suspended decorative objects, wax chunks, etc.
Wax & additives wholesale candle making supplies: wholesale soy wax flakes, beeswax pastilles, candle wicks, wholesale fragrance oil, candle scent, candle supplies, candle wax, paraffin wax, para-soy wax. important: never melt wax on direct heat such as stove burner. always use a double boiler or melter.
All natural waxes burn cleaner and more soot free than traditional paraffin waxes. they have a different look and do not require a re-pour. we have formulas for container and pillar candles.

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