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Re: best candles for candle warmers. @hckynut, this is the kind of candle warmer i have. the bulb up top melts the wax in the jar rather then you lighting the wick. i like that and looks neater than my warmer. i do use scentsy melts and just order off of ebay which is cheaper than a distributor. they have a stronger scent than so many on the shelves in the retail market.
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Wax warmers & wax melters. not only is a wax warmer decorative but it allows you to get more out of the wax fragrance than most candles. the longevity of the scent for your chosen wax melt or wax tart will depend on how powerful of a scent it is, how much you place into the wax melter at one time, and how hot the wax melter gets during use.

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