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Glassware imports. we have unlimited potential at designing and supplying new luxury candle glass ranges and styles as new trends launch around the world.
Shop yankee candle, america's best loved candle! enhance and bring to life any space with captivating candles, home & car air fresheners, gifts and more. australia free shipping best sell high borosilicate glass storage jars transparent candle jar with bamboo lid
Nov 23, 2009 · cpl's bamboo jars can be assembled with a plastic or glass inner jar and the containers can be reused. this means that the consumer could still remember your brand even when the product has run out. through cpl packaging’s extensive experience, they can also offer the jars with their client's own customized design.
Candle glassware. our jars have a solid flat lid and are manufactured using time-tested machine blowing methods. all our glass containers are specially designed to withstand the heat from burning candles and the quality is unmatched. soy candles the easiest containers for making soy candles are those with opaque(not clear) sides.

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