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Oct 28, 2017 · if the candle contain wax made from palm oil or soy, it’s extra important to know it comes from eco-friendly and sustainable harvesting. palm oil should for example always be rspo certified*. coconut wax. this is supposedly the purest, most eco-friendly and luxurious wax used today (hence more expensive).
L.a.-based flores lane was founded by trish baden, a cincinnati native who focuses on eco-friendly ingredients for city-themed candles, with los angeles, the south bay, new york city, and san francisco all represented. all of their candles are hand-poured in west hollywood and made from 100% soy wax.
Ecoearth deluxe gift candle set, full 6 oz (not 2 oz or 4 oz sample size) eco-friendly glass jar + lid, natural german soy wax candles scented with
Candles have long been part of a greener lifestyle as a relatively eco-friendly alternative to leaving the electric lights on. but while burning a candle isn’t going to add hugely to your carbon footprint, they certainly aren’t great for your health.

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