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Aug 14, 2013 · essentially, a container candle is a non-flammable container filled with wax and a wick. they have several advantages that make them popular: first of all, they are a bit like a candle and a candle holder rolled into one. they never drip. also, because they are in a container, we can get away with using lower melting point waxes that enhance ...
For manufacturers looking for a glass jar to pour your candles in, the glassnow candle range has options to fit your requirements. our line of recycled candle containers range from 2.5 oz colored glass jars that are perfect for votives to the 26 oz verona jar ideal for larger scented candles.
When making a candle, there are more than 300 different kinds of wicks to choose from. the manufacturer of the original candle likely chose the right wick for the wax he or she used based on the melting point of the wax, how much fragrance and color he or she added, as well as the diameter of the original candle.
The easiest containers for making soy candles are those with opaque (not clear) sides. if/when a soy candle frosts, it is very visible through the sides of a translucent (clear) container, like glassware. this can be okay, especially if the wax has no color in it, but expect to see the frosting on the sides when you use glass containers.

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