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Soy wax has a beautiful milky white look and a reliable burn, throws the candle fragrance well and is reliable for the beginner and the expert alike. soy wax is sourced from a variety of manufacturers, each a unique blend with slightly varying characteristics.
This wax requires a wick that burns hot and has a flawless finish on every candle once you have mastered the pouring temp. pre-heating the jars is essential with this wax, excluding the tins. this soy wax has the best hot scent throw of any others that i've worked with.
Australia's strongest soy wax melts, it's not a sales gimmick or a trick, it's a fact. when we say we have australia’s strongest soy wax melts, that isn’t just a claim, it’s a fact. they said we couldn’t do it but we proved them wrong and after 14 months of research and development we finally developed a process that allowed us to put a ...
All the candle making supplies you needcandle wax, cotton and wood wick, candle fragrance, candle making classes, diffusers, burners, tea lights, moulds and more. shop on-line or in-store, our experienced staff are always ready to assist.

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