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Giant panda gobbles off lights while kites shine in darkened skyline for earth hour ... i'll tell my daughter the stories about my childhood when i read books and did handiwork in the candle light. i'll tell her about the fish swimming in the creek near our house and that we could drink from any spring we found, wrote a netizen named jin yuxia.
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Rolling lamp is an endangered cultural heritage in china. [photo:baidu] of the many forms of chinese folk art, the rolling lamp is perhaps one of few that combines performing arts and a sporting spirit. cri's liu yan brings the story of this distinctive culture
Flying kongming lanterns is a time-honored dai custom. people gather at evening in an open space and light the candles inside the lanterns. aerostatic buoyancy sends them to the sky where they float like countless stars, so paying tribute to deities, sages, and men of virtue.

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