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Available choices- himalayan glow himalayan salt holders is available in single, set of two and set of three candle holders and it fits for all standard tealight candles. perfect giftthe himalayan glow himalayan salt candle holder is a perfect gift for anyone and anytime.
Himalayan salt candle holders maintain the natural, mine-harvested look of himalayan salt lamps, but they instead work their magic via candlelight. the models here at the himalayan salt shop measure three inches in height, weigh between two and three pounds, and generate protection areas of 4x4 feet.
In this piece we will discuss the himalayan salt crystal candle holder benefits, uses and ways to care for smaller cousins of these magnificent salt lamps called the candle holders. these cute relatives of the salt lamp are smaller in size and instead of a bulb, a small candle
Aug 02, 2019 · to incorporate the himalayan salt trend without spending a fortune, definitely consider these crystal allies natural himalayan salt candle holders ($8.99; amazon). they cost less than $10, so ...

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