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Add a unique twist with modern candle holders. whether youu2019re looking for a few candlestick holders for your dining table, or new candle sconces for the entryway walls, find a candle holder for every style and occasion. these small pieces of decor add beautiful details to u2026
Interior homescapes offers unique candles. visit our online store to order your candles today. free shipping on most items.
Gift wisdom to a friend, in the form of a black owl. watch the outside of an animal melt away, revealing a skeleton. get a candle in beeswax, wrapped daintily around a coil. get quirky and creative with your gifts for downtime, with our top 40 selection for decadent and decorative candles.
Modern jar candles are often decorated with modern designs giving a splash of color or pattern to mix perfectly with a modern room design. pillar candles: pillar candles are thicker candles that are meant to be free-standing. pillar candles do not require a support base; however, they are often placed on flat dishes that can collect any wax that might drip off the sides of the candle. modern pillar candles u2026

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