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Wholesale custom candle boxes packaging get variety in custom candle boxes to make your day memorable: hence, we can say that packaging helps in enhancing sales. additionally, to make them more charming and appealing, we provide a variety of custom candle boxes. moreover, you can tell us if you have any idea about the tour mind.
Jan 18, 2019u00a0u00b7 if you want a unique take on a customized gift, we have just what will work for you. our personalized candles can light up a room at any home while sharing special memories and love even to those who are miles away. custom candles are displayed on a 9-ounce, elegant glass jar and feature your favorite art or photos.
Select your candle style. choose from a popular collection of sizes and shapes. pick a fragrance. find the perfect match from over 40 inviting fragrances. choose your label. pick a personalized photo candle label, or one of our new expression labels with a u2026
Custommade candlesticks, candle holders and candles are handmade by artisan makers.

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