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Candle tins 32 products republic collection 20 products park lane collection 10 products tumbler 11 products mandala canister 8 products ribbed carousel range ... ceramic jars 7 products limited editions 11 products view more. glassware imports. we have unlimited potential at designing and supplying new luxury candle glass ranges and styles as ...
For manufacturers looking for a glass jar to pour your candles in, the glassnow candle range has options to fit your requirements. our line of recycled candle containers range from 2.5 oz colored glass jars that are perfect for votives to the 26 oz verona jar ideal for larger scented candles.
Straight sided jars and tumblers are quickly trending towards becoming the most popular choice for candles! just take a look at most retailers or candle companies and you'll see straight sided tumblers everywhere! *inexpensive *simple or elegant
The brand, now almost a decade old, is one of the most popular in australia. big on 'destination fragrances' the scents of each candle promises to take

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