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Votive candles in unscented and scented. quick candles sells votive candles in bulk and wholesale for weddings and events. javascript seems to be disabled in your browser.
Wholesale votive candles. our high quality wholesale votive candles are the best wholesale prices in 10hr votives and 15hr votives. the bulk votive candles are available 44 trendy colors perfect for weddings, wedding favors and special occasions. create a beautiful wedding centerpiece arrangement with a few scattered unscented votives...
Become a new dealer. carrying yankee candle allows you to inspire your customers by providing them with a way to enjoy the special feeling of home that fragranced candles impart. whether it's relaxing with the kids, creating special holiday memories, or welcoming family and friends, our candles play an important role in people's lives.
100% usa premium wholesale candles at cheap bulk prices. 2800+ scented, floating, votive, pillar, taper, led candles, tart warmer, holders. us shipping.

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