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Buy candle making supplies online at wholesale prices. huge selection of waxes, jars, fragrances, wicks and dyes. fast delivery and low prices. we source the distinctive, the interesting and unused so you can be adventurous, creative and amused. from wax to wicks to dyes and jars, unleash your inner crafty and reach for the stars.
Based out of melbourne, australia luxury candle supplies is challenging the candle supplies market by offering premium products at an affordable price. with access to the latest interior design trends from europe & asia, lcs customers are always one step ahead of the competition.
Candle containers, jars and tins candle tins. welcome to the candle tins index. our extensive line of metal tins has been especially popular to the candle hobbyist and professional candle crafter as well. the flat metal tins and deep dish tins are increasingly popular with the candle crafter for gel candles as well as aromatherapy candles, and ...
Candle supply has a great range of high quality seamless tins, the seamless travel tins come from our own moulds and as a added safety precaution the raised bottom of these containers keeps a cusion of air beneath the container reducing direct heat to the surface that the travel candle is sitting on.. the solid lids have a raised top and fit snuggly one on top of each other when

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