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Find quality pillar candle holders when you buy and save with our discounted prices! our pillar holders are made of heat tempered glass for long use if properly kept. for outdoor events select from our square vases or cylinder vases to contain the flame and any wax that might drip and pull, due to wind or movement.
From simple tea light candles that make for ideal table decorations through to pillar and church candles, you can find what you need here. of course, the candles themselves are only part of the package. if you want to create an attractive display, you’ll also need candle holders. our range includes several designs, so you’re sure to find ...
Pillar candles this style of candle has been available ever since candles were being made. this classic candle adds an understated elegance to any occasion whether at home, office or event.
Cool candles is australia’s premium candle supplier for retail and wholesale customers. based in wollongong, we provide a great range of candles and holders for hospitality, events, venues, resale and home décor. our impressive candle range extends across the following categories:

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