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Maximize productivity and profitability with a candlescience stainless steel wax melter. this wax melting pot quickly produces a uniformed heating area ideal for use with soy and paraffin waxes. compared to a water jacketed version, our unit melts wax in half the time, uses less energy, and produces less heat.
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This melting pot has a capacity of about 1.5kg, 20cm tall, 13cm wide. when melting, always stand the pot in watersee our video and information sheet on setting up a safe melting system. all australian candle making supplies and kits
Candle making made easy. the candle maker is a fun and easy way to make your own retail-quality soy candles at home using eco-friendly ingredients. with no mess and no fuss you can make beautiful scented candles in just 20 minutes.

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