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Natural scented soy candles for sale in australia candles can be added to any home to bring your own personal flair or set a certain atmosphere. every scent has its own character, and you can reflect your unique identity with the right combination of soy candles, natural
All natural waxes burn cleaner and more soot free than traditional paraffin waxes. they have a different look and do not require a re-pour. we have formulas for container and pillar candles.
Soy wax. eroma is the largest wholesaler of soy wax in australia. we stock the high end summit range of soy waxes and also the golden brands range of soy wax. making of soy wax. the making of soy wax commences with soybeans from which the oil is separated.
We are absolutely obsessed with candles, and have one (or more) in every room... plus a healthy stash stored in the living room cabinet. light a candle for ambience, a beautiful scent, or a little romance. candles also make the perfect gift for the friend who has it

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