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Gel wax for use in glassware is a totally transparent, used often with flame resistant embeds. please take care using this product, its melt temperature is 140c direclty on heat. **as it cannot be melted over water, great diligence is required to avoid overheating and fire.
Gel doesn't shrink so there is no need to re-pour! gel burns twice as long as wax and you can suspend decorative objects, wax chunks, marbles etc. you can add liquid dye to color the gel and fragrance oils for scent. gel faq what is gel? candle gel is manufactured from specially processed mineral oils and gelled with co-polymers.
All the candle making supplies you needcandle wax, cotton and wood wick, candle fragrance, candle making classes, diffusers, burners, tea lights, moulds and more. shop on-line or in-store, our experienced staff are always ready to assist.
Australian wax company is one of the largest manufacturers of candles and wax products in australia. whilst proud of our quality candles and specialty wax blends, we also has a unique ability to meet our customers individual needs in both candle manufacture and wax blending.

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