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Sep 14, 2016u00a0u00b7 beeswax is also a great eco friendly option, the only problem is if youu2019re into candles that smell good, itu2019s really hard to scent beeswax (apart from itu2019s own natural honey scent of course!). beeswax is also a relatively rare and precious natural raw material so only a small share of the global candle production comes from this product.
Partylite 'radiant glow' stemmed votive candle holders, clear bowls, green stems, 3 diameter x 7 tall and 3 diameter x 6 tall, set of 2 cashmerestuff 5 out of
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Many stove top pots in candle making kits utilize a double boiler method, where the chamber holding the wax or glycerine is placed in a larger pot of boiling water so the material melts slowly. other stove top candle and soap making pots are designed to rest directly on

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