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A range of essential oil blends suitable for use in diffusers and oil burners. 100% therapeutic grade oils from australia. please note: do not apply directly to the skin, if pregnant please seek advice before using an essential oils. if using in a diffuser or oil burner please clean unit completely after use as remaini
N-essentials stock a range of fragrance oils that are suitable for use in soap making and candle making. over the coming months, we’ll be broadening our range of fragrance oils so that customers can consider us to be a one-stop shop for candle making and soap making supplies in australia online.
Essential oils extracted directly from flowers, stems and leaves. our range can be used in soaps at a much lower rate than in candles, about 2.5ml per kilogram of soap base. add prior to pouring so the delicate oils are not lost during the melt process.
Candle fragrance oils australian made and 100% concentrated luxaroma fragrance oils are simply the best for candles, soaps, diffusers and much more. and since they arent imported you get the best prices in australia.

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