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Bring light and warmth into your space with our quality glass religious and spiritual candles designed to burn safely for longer. with plain white and color choices, or printed religious images, there is a candle for any occasion or spiritual practice.
Candle jars candle jars. in addition to a complete line of soap and candle making supplies, we carry a great selection of glass candle jars. these jars are top quality and are offered at some of the best wholesale prices on the web.
Check out eroma for candle making supplies needs! we stock everything you need to make luxury, scented candles including fragrance oils, natural candle wax, candle wicks, jars and glassware, packaging and accessories. all of our products were designed specifically for candle making
Religious candles our high quality, smooth burning vigil & church candles are always competitively priced and available in various burn times to suit your needs. we are your source for ceremonial candles, shabbat candles, yahrzeit memorial candles, saint candles, sanctuary candles, tower candles, wedding tapers, baptismal taper candles ...

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