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Candle tins are not expensive, and they always come with a lid. lots of candle makers use them as travel tins since they are so rugged. candle tins make great samples and giveaways, especially the smaller sizes. they are easy to label, both on the top and side. our tins have little feet on the bottom to keep the burning surface cool.
Our candle tins are sleek containers and compliment any decor. perfect for soy candles to hide frosting on the side of the candle. they also prevent the need to worry about jar adhesion, or 'wet spots,' where wax pulls away from the side of the container.
We’re a solution-driven company. with our in-house design services, we can accommodate any custom needs your company might have. give us your problems, and we’ll find great solutions. kinder eggs tins- produced for singapore, malaysia & philippine
Candle supply has a great range of high quality seamless tins, the seamless travel tins come from our own moulds and as a added safety precaution the raised bottom of these containers keeps a cusion of air beneath the container reducing direct heat to the surface that the travel candle is sitting on.. the solid lids have a raised top and fit snuggly one on top of each other when

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