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Gel candle making wax clear, medium density gel wax. best known for being completely clear, used for all sorts of candlesunder-water aquarium scenes, lemonade, cocktails etc. with just a little bit of colour added, these candles remain transparent and take on the nature of the glass and embeds you choose. completely clear, melt to 1400cgel wax cannot be melted over water.
Gel wax for candles. gel wax for use in glassware is a totally transparent, used often with flame resistant embeds. please take care using this product, its melt temperature is 140c direclty on heat. **as it cannot be melted over water, great diligence is required to avoid overheating and fire. gel candle wax.
Palm waxes are often the first choice in natural candles for a number of reasons i.e. palm waxes are environmentally friendly, the natural wax has excellent compatibility with essential oils. all natural vegetable based wax, during solidification the natural crystal pattern appears on the exterior of the candle for a unique style.
All container waxes. candle supply has a complete range of all the best container waxes on the market. regardless of whether you are big or small you have access to the best waxes on the market from the largest manufacturers at wholesale prices. the candle supply range of container waxes includes soy, natural, palm, paraffin and paraffin/soy blends.

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