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At aussie candle supplies not only do we have australia's best pricing on soy waxes, candle glassware, fragrances, essential oils, candles dyes and other candle making essentials, you will also find bath salts, body butters, cosmetic bases, raw materials, classes and a wealth of information to get you started.
Price boxwhen checked, displays a data view window as you mouse-over the chart, showing ohlc for the bar, and all indicator values for the given bar. price scalewhen on, scale on the right of the chart shows prices. % change scalewhen on, scale on the right of the chart shows the percent change from the open.
The australian soybean industry is a relatively small and complex, but valuable industry. while australian soybean industry is small by global standards, it plays an important role in many farming systems across australia and is increasingly providing a higher value crop option for growers.
The australian soybean crop price is based on the world commodity price for oilseed crush grade soybeans and edible types can receive a premium of au$50–100 on this price. growers have to consider producing soybeans in relation to comparative returns from other crops such as cotton, rice, sugar and other pulse crops.

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