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Also called lotus lanterns, the lanterns are commonly made by pasting paper into a lotus shape, with a lamp or candle placed inside. water lanterns floating on a river during celebrations for zhongyuan festival, also known as the ghost festival, in guilin, guangxi zhuang autonomous region on august 16, 2016. [file photo: vcg]
The water lantern, also called a lotus lantern, is made by pasting paper into a lotus shape. a lamp or candle is placed inside. on the night of the festival, the lotus-shaped lanterns are lit and set afloat in rivers and out into seas to symbolically guide
Flying kongming lanterns is a time-honored dai custom. people gather at evening in an open space and light the candles inside the lanterns. aerostatic buoyancy sends them to the sky where they float like countless stars, so paying tribute to deities, sages, and men of virtue.
Both lantern festival and its western counterpart originated from religious beliefs, and then became secular over the ages. the lantern festival was not romantic at all when it first came to be, but it later became an opportunity for unmarried people to meet their potential lovers – that is why some would call it chinese valentine's day.

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