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Dec 29, 2006 · gel wax isn't wax at all, but a form of mineral oil. it's easier to work with in many ways than traditional waxes and allows for more light to reflect than standard candles. the clear gel allows you to achieve many interesting looks, from floating beads to underwater scenes.
Gel is essentially a combination of polymer resin and mineral oil that is cut with exceptional safety in respect of the flash point. when combined in a container with a wick it can produce exquisite transparent candles. because of the clarity of gel, it gives off about 40% more luminescence than regular paraffin wax.
Designed with the professional gel candle maker in mind our ezgel dispensing systems offer fast, controlled adjustable filling with no air bubbles or dripping- a steady rapid safe and controlled flow of gel for gel candle making from 175° f/ 79° c to 212° f/ 100 ° c.
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