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Steeltin seamless tins (drawn from a single piece of steel!) consumers love them for special occasions especially because they offer a low, shallow profile, no sharp edges and seal in freshness. steeltin seamless tins are the best quality in the industry and accommodate standard label sizes.
Libbey 6 oz seltzer candle jars, in cases of 12. in addition, we carry jelly candle jars, hex candle jars and seamless candle tins. please note, our $ 10.00 flat shipping fee does not apply to candle containers, tins and glassware. you will be charged the actual shipping charge for these items.
Wholesale candle tins bulk manufacturers & suppliers from china. we are professional manufacturers of candle tins bulk company, factory & exporters specialize in candle tins bulk wiht high-quality, buy candle tins bulk with cheap price.
Candle tins u2013 bulk for filling, stock and custom programs. candle tins for wholesale. our line of seamless tins are perfect for candles! formed from a single piece of steel, there is no seam, so the candle wax will be entirely contained and nothing will leak.

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