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Gift candles for happy and celebratory occasions can be packaged in such arresting candle packaging boxes that convey compliments and best wishes through adorned ivory flowers, jute bows and ribbons. add a die cut window on these packaging boxes for aromatherapy candles, let the indulging fragrances flow out, and allow candles to convey feelings of relaxation right at first
Enhance your candle's value by customizing your displays with our cardboard candle boxes. our candle boxes with window are ideal because they have a small oval, rectangular, or square cutout, but you can viewed the candles without opening the box.
Packqueen manufactures a variety of candle gift boxes and sells these candle boxes online. smaller sized candle boxes are 50mm by 80mm in size and larger boxes go up to 80mm by 100mm. smaller sized candle boxes are 50mm by 80mm in size and larger boxes
Best custom boxes normally use the durable material for candles because these candles are sometimes exposed to hot temperature and these candles might end up losing their shape. we normally use cardboard for the custom candle boxes. cardboard will help you give just the customized look that you want for the candle boxes. these are printed by our latest technology

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