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White xing candle holder . of lotus pattern (national museum of china) it consists of a cup to hold the candle, a pan below to catch wax drippings, a long, narrow cylinder as the handle, and a lotus-patterned seat. the undulated, spiraling lines on the cylinder are both decorative and functional – preventing the item from slipping from hands.
i really like the art here, especially the shadow puppet candle holder, said chai rui. once you light up the candle, a shadow is cast on the wall. it's very interesting. the first floor of the zone has food stalls with names such as house of flying daggers. visitors can enjoy their meals in a jeep.
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No wonder chen gong calls it '123 year old beauty'. its music stand is delicately carved, with a lyra in the middle and other symmetrical patterns on each side. the considerate design of its gradient ensures the music book leans steadily against the stand, and the movable holders on each side enable the candles to light the book in those years.

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