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Candles make every home feel warm and cosy, but scented candles make it lovelier. sometimes, when i go to a house and it smells great, makes me want to stay in that house forever. so, if you want your home to smell amazing, here are our top picks for the best scented candles that are made in australia (because i believe we make the best scented ...
Trader joe's . hand-poured scented candles. honeycrisp applelimited edition . made with natural soy wax blend. lead-free cotton wick . very nice, natural, well-balanced fruity scent. 20
Handmade in australia willows scented candles are made using the highest quality non-toxic wax ~ beeswax, and natural lead-free cotton wicks.. quality handmade beeswax candles.
Using the finest blend of botanical soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and bespoke fragrances, our beautifully designed candles are lovingly hand poured into custom designed containers, vases and candle jars, to ensure outstanding burn times. the result, candle perfection.

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