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In order to attract chinese tourists, during the 2018 spring festival, some major shopping malls in the u.k. were decorated with chinese new year decorations. in front of the sydney opera house in australia, a 10-meter-high giant zodiac dog lantern was set up for visitors to take a photo.
Preparation for china's lunar new year is now in full swing, as craftsmen are constructing innovative and energy-saving lanterns for a lantern festival in shenyang. craftsmen are busy building and installing european-style lanterns, which will form a colorful presentation covering over 2,000 square meters with the highest lantern group reaching ...
German authorities have said they've seen a drop off in the last couple weeks, with just two or three thousand new arrivals a day. they were unsure whether that was a result of the colder weather, the turkey deal, or perhaps other forces.
Fortunately, you can see and do a lot in beijing simply by taking the subway. the network is extensive, easy to use and affordable (two yuan for one ticket)a great combo for new arrivals.

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