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One of the first issues you may discover with diy candle-making sites is that the site may tell you that it's possible to use crayons to dye your candles. although this practice likely will not make a candle unsafe, it will result in a candle that will not burn very effectively.
Top candle scents from natures garden. we have listed below the top 40 candle fragrances sold at natures garden. we base these top 40 on the sales we receive from our candle customers. all of the candle scents listed below are fabulous in soy wax candles
Fragrance oils are an important component of candle making these days. with the popularity of scented candles, it is the oils that can make for a wonderful, aromatic candle. those who make candles, for business or pleasure, can find a wide range of candle fragrance oils at wholesale prices at candle supply in australia.
300+ candle and soap fragrances! liquid candle scents starting at $8.10 per pound. no matter what scent you need to make the perfect candle or bar of soap, candlewic is your best source for an extensive selection.

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