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Wax has a direct affect on the overall quality of the finished candle. this is the secret to making the perfect candle; you have to have a good, high quality wax. the novice belief in candle making is that as long as they add more fragrance, it can compensate for a u2026
Which soy wax is best? it really is a personal opinion so try a few different types and see what produces the best candle for you. our soy waxes are made from soy beans grown and processed in the usa. soy beans are a renewable resource and for that reason, soy wax u2026
Candle wax ; soy wax; soy wax. we carry a wide variety of high quality soy waxes from manufacturers such as ecosoya waxes, cargill naturewax, and aak golden brands golden waxes. we are a national distributor for all of these brands and we keep a large in-stock quantity of these waxes year-round.
Soy candles with incredibly rich fragrances and long lasting burn times. every soy candle is individually hand poured using high quality soy wax which is grown right here in the united states along with very best fragrances available on the market today

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