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Australia's largest yankee candle store is candles2go, more yankee candles than any other store. 10% off your first order with the 'newmember10' coupon.
Then, multiply $0.07 by 5.8, which is the amount of wax by weight we use to fill up our jar for a cost of $0.41. so each candle contains $0.41 worth of soy wax. for fragrance, we’re using a 16 oz. bottle of love spell that comes out to a cost of $1.24 per ounce.
May 19, 2013 · as a rough guide, retailers usually double the wholesale price to get to their retail price. in other words whatever emma charges the retailer, the retailer will double to get to the price it will charge the customer. sometime retailers mark-up by more than 100%, selling stuff at three or four times the cost! ...
On sale $109.99 on sale $179.99 on sale $139.99 your price: $56.99 your price: $89.99 your price: $69.99 set of 72 pieces of votive candles. your price: $36.99 set of 144 pieces of votive candles. your price: $59.99 case of 36 pieces pillar candles.

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