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Do this by figuring out the cost per ounce of your wax and any additives such as color, scent, stearic acid, vybar, petro, etc. once you have your cost per ounce, figure the number of ounces in a particular candle you make and multiply that by your cost per ounce. if the candle is in a container, add the cost of the container to that figure.
Then checkout out price guide for all sizes and types of shipping containers and the prices you might get for each. however, shipping container prices vary all the time, so please call or request via our forms for latest shipping container prices.
Take the fragrance load which is 6% and multiply by the amount of wax we are using 5.8 oz. for a total of 0.35 oz. of fragrance needed per candle. now, multiply 0.35 by $1.24 for a cost of $0.46 per candle. the rest of the stuff is easy because you don’t need to make any conversions.
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