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Weu2019ll need to divide that figure by our 135 candles to get our per candle cost of $0.82. and thatu2019s it! when we add each item up, we get a total variable cost of $2.99 for each candle.
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Containers. anchor country comfort jar 10oz $1.85 anchor country comfort jar 16oz $1.95 anchor country comfort jar 26oz $2.07 anchor country comfort jar 26oz w/ glass bubble lid $23.00 classic jar 1.5oz classic jar 10oz $1.57 classic jar 16oz $1.78 classic jar 6.5oz hexagon jar 1.5oz hexagon jar 3.75oz $1.55.
About jar candles. the distinctive shape and rich scents of our classic jar candles are just right for anchoring a room or making a change of season with certainty. we select the perfect wick type for each specific fragrance to ensure the very best quality burn.

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