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Get the perfect glassware for candle making. hundreds of options! once you've selected the wax and scents for your candles, it's time to think about candle containers, labels and packaging! we have hundreds of glass candle containers, wholesale candle jars, candle tins, votive candleholders and more.
I am saying this because i made this mistake by making a big candle and ended up with the failure.i don't want to waste it and so i tried melting it and pouring the wax into few small container to re use them.believe me , it took a long long time to melt the whole candle compared to melting the wax flakes itself.i would say double the time.so, its better to try in smaller one first.
The cream waxes look great against the cobalt blue they are also an elegant way to show off your gel candles. the clear glass candle jars and clear glass hex candle jars are good for aromatherapy candles, and especially popular with the gel candles, where the special gel effects such as the bubbles or layers of color can be attractively displayed.
Soy candles. the easiest containers for making soy candles are those with opaque (not clear) sides. if/when a soy candle frosts, it is very visible through the sides of a translucent (clear) container, like glassware. this can be okay, especially if the wax has no color in it, but expect to see the frosting on the sides when you use glass containers.

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