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Dec 18, 2015u00a0u00b7 never fear though, weu2019ve got you covered, you candle-loving weirdo. here are 10 of the best australian-made scented candles to give to yourself (or, i guess, your loved ones) this christmas. 1. soap club. soap club makes their candles u2026
Candle supplies including candle making kits, candle fragrance oils, candle wax, candle jars, wicks and more at eroma. everything you need to make your own soy wax candles at home can be found at eroma. australia's largest wholesale provider of candle making and home fragrance supplies. order now with nationwide shipping.
For labor, weu2019ll estimate that it takes five hours to make one batch of candles. at an hourly rate of $12, that equals $60 per batchu2014or a cost of $0.44 per candle. for business liability insurance, your costs can vary significantly, but for this example letu2019s assume an added cost of $0.15 for each candle to cover that expense.
Pricing: the first step to pricing your candles is to figure out your cost on the product. do this by figuring out the cost per ounce of your wax and any additives such as color, scent, stearic acid, vybar, petro, etc.

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