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Packaginggift boxes add extra value to your products, by customising your candle creations with our new range of high quality gift boxes! gift boxes for candela metros & tumblers feature crash lock bottoms and a cardboard inners for added strength and are available in 4 different colours, solid and window styles.
Gel wax for use in glassware is a totally transparent, used often with flame resistant embeds. please take care using this product, its melt temperature is 140c direclty on heat. **as it cannot be melted over water, great diligence is required to avoid overheating and fire.
All candle jars available from eroma are made specifically for candle making and can easily withstand molten wax during the candle making process. if you have any questions at all regarding candle glassware or containers be sure to check out our glassware and containers guide and frequently asked questions page.
Emitting a subtle, delightful aroma, scented candles like apple and cinnamon can reflect a festive mood whereas the fragrance of lavender and sage creates a relaxing and calm environment. these beautifully made candles require specially designed candle boxes that keep the candles safe and make it easier for them to be portable. candle boxes are mostly made of cardboard and are come in many different sizes to accommodate single or mutliple candle u2026

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