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The candles have been used but they all lasted the whole night (5pm-1am) only went it when blown out and still have plenty of wax and wick left, more than half. i have about 40-50 jars/candles. the candles are a combination of vanilla and citronella. will sell jar and candle combination for $4 each and would consider a reduction if you buy in bulk.
All candle jars available from eroma are made specifically for candle making and can easily withstand molten wax during the candle making process. if you have any questions at all regarding candle glassware or containers be sure to check out our glassware and containers guide and frequently asked questions page.
The popularity of scented candles is skyrocketing and if you are showcasing your candle making talents, bottlestore has the ideal selection of candle jars, bottles, and tins to make your project complete. our glass candle jars can withstand the heat of the flame and the hot wax so you can be assured you are delivering a quality, safe ...
Making your own candles allows you to craft items that suit your preferences and the actual process of completing a candle can be very therapeutic. buy candle jars wholesale in australia at candle supply. your finished candles need a home and candle supply has a wide selection of candle glass and candle jars. there are different sizes and ...

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