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Tins are the most earth-friendly packaging for candles. steel is 100% infinitely recyclable, without loss of quality. decorative metal packaging is collectible and becomes part of the gift. it eliminates the need for secondary packaging. learn more . . .
Our custom tins have won numerous prestigious packaging awards ranging from custom confectionery tins to dvd tins. tinwerks works with a variety of industries providing custom tins such as cosmetic tins, coffee tins, tea tins, cookie tins, promotional tins, candy tins, wine and spirits tins, mint tins and metal signs.
Cosmetic tins aluminium tins wholesalevivo packagingour aluminium tin containers are perfect to contain all of your handmade lip and body balms, hand creams and salves, essential oils, ointments, medicinal herbs and waxes, spices and seasonings, tea candles, powders, loose leaf teas, glitter, potpourri, bath salts or even use to package your earrings and other small objects.
Candle tins from candlewic's candle making supplies work great for beginner candle making. each candle tin is made of aluminum and is seamless. multiple sizes of candle tin are available.

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