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Also available with a private label option. wood-en wick private label candles. contact us today for your custom private label candles! have your own special piece in mind? let northwood candle company turn your container into a unique candle, creating a personalized gift for everyone to enjoy! private label candles make the perfect gift for ...
Harbor mill candles has 21 years experience specializing in retail and private label candles for small to corporate companies and celebrities with low moq.
Creating the perfect private label scented candles can take time – we help you manage the project from beginning to end by sourcing suitable containers and scents, using fragrance oils or essential oils, together with full sampling and testing to ensure your candle burns beautifully, has a sensational scent throw and enhances any home.
Wholesale private label fleurty wick candle is dedicated to providing stellar customer service as we develop products that will enhance the elegant atmosphere of the home or office, including private label soy candles! whether it is a personalized corporate gift, wedding favors or a private candle line, fleurty wick

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