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Koch & co’s range of high-quality and durable glass terrariums come in a variety of shapes and styles to display artificial succulents and cactus plants, artificial flower arrangements, candles or fillers made with well-chosen decorative pebbles and rocks.. made from the best quality clear glass, our range includes glass domes come with ceramic or wooden bases or without a base to
Wow your guests at your next dinner party with an elegant decorative display topped off with the gorgeous bella dome! this glass cloche is the perfect accessoryso versatile in design! let your creativity soar and experiment with various decorative arrangements and a range of coloured candles to find your favourite look.
Each dome is made of hand crafted clear glass. nowhere else will you find so much variety of sizes and styles of glass domes, bell jars, or cloche terrariums. our smallest cloche is just 4.5 inches tall, while our tallest reaches up to 29.5 inches tall! some glass domes have knob handles on the lid and even come with glass trays or black wood ...
Making your own candles allows you to craft items that suit your preferences and the actual process of completing a candle can be very therapeutic. buy candle jars wholesale in australia at candle supply. your finished candles need a home and candle supply has a wide selection of candle glass and candle jars.

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